Jerry Velasco, Chair
Gene Hurd, Vice Chari
Ali Tweini, Recording Secretary
Ali Tweini has been a community activist throughout his adult life. He studied Marketing Management at LACC and CSU Los Angeles. Before joining UCLA in 2011, Tweini worked at Cedars Sinai Health System where he received the president’s award and was elected to the Cedars Sinai Federal Credit Union Board where he served as vice president from 2005 to 2013. Tweini is an elected executive board Teamster and political coordinator for Teamsters Local 2010.
Alex J. Rojas, Ed.D., Treasurer
Rob Charles, Board Member
John Tang, Board Member
David Perez, Board Member
Xilolin Cruz-Gonzalez, Board Member
Oscar Robledo, Board Member
Sandy Corral, Board Member
Eli Cortez, Board Member
Mary Ann Lutz, Board Member
Laura McNeil
Board Member
Ed Rendon, Executive Director
Denise Menchaca, Communications
Karen Yu, Business Development
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